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Hotspot Media Group is a advertising agency and a media company. In our advertising agency will deal with marketing our clients products by making for the adverts that they will be used in different areas. We design,promote, market, plan events for our clients and loyal customes by creating banners,posters,flyers,radio jingle. We have excellent relationship with other companies that we work with. We cater accordingly to our customers and clients needs and on time.

The Vision, Value & Mission


To be the preferred and reliable source on as an advertising agency when creating and developing our clients brand to stand out in the world. Our missing in our media sector is to be know as the best in the business on whatever thing we touch and make.


We want our media sectors and advertising agency to set High-standard in delivering. This requires of us to be fresh, factual, underlying it with educational information that will stimilate all minds.


To expand Tanzania Digital and Creative Industry worldwide through our media outlets and our advertising agency

This is what we love to do.



We have the experience of printing Advertising Display, Branding, Promotional Item, ID Solution & Web Solutions.

Hotspot Magazine

Hotspot Magazine is a monthly digital and print magazine that focus on Events, Movies and Interviews.


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WHICH MEANS LEARN KISWAHILI This class is for all who have the desire and interest to learn Kiswahili for their communication purposes and to develop some useful Kiswahili

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