How to Create Facebook Ads in 2020?

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How to Create Facebook Ads in 2020? Growing your business and advertising go hand in hand. Facebook is the place you need to advertise and I will explain why.

If you decide to go in a direction like a billboard, then you will need a bigger budget especially as you do not want to advertise for just a month.

You can print fliers which will cost you a lot of money and with the short attention span people have nowadays, you have no guarantees the fliers will even be read.

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Why are Facebook ads good for your business as a Beginner? 

First Facebook has about 2.27 Billion active monthly users around the world. Facebook has people from every age group from 18-65 years old.

You see Facebook has a lot of potentials to reach your target customers.

Now you might say I don’t know how to use Facebook ads and I don’t know where to start.

Do not worry I was in the same place you are and I didn’t know where to start. I used to do Facebook ads but I never got the results I needed.

I took some classes that really helped me to understand each aspect of Facebook ads and how I can monetize it.

What will you learn from this class about Facebook Ads for Beginners?

The class itself is 49 minutes. If you are used to binge-watching series on Netflix then this will be easy for you and much more productive.

It means for the equivalent of one episode on your favorite series, you will have gained something more valuable for growing your business.

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You will learn the overview of Facebook ads as a beginner, audience insights, how to make Facebook ads and many other little secrets you didn’t know.

What did I learn from the class about Facebook Ads for Beginners?

Most of the time we create Facebook ads but we are not very clear on who we are targeting at all. It is like shooting arrows everywhere without a specific target.

I learn that you need to know who you’re targeting to get the right results. For example, which age bracket, which country, what are their interests, hobbies and many things?

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This class has helped me a lot in making Facebook ads that yield the results I need and drive traffic on my website.

For a Beginner, this class helped me. I recommend Facebook Ads for Beginners. How to Start?

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