Why Do You Need INKCASE IVY for Your iPhone?

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Why Do You Need INKCASE IVY for Your iPhone? We all love our phone accessories especially our covers. I have come across many mobile covers and nothing comes close to InkCase IVY.

What is Ink-Case IVY?

Ink-Case IVY dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience – Smart Assistance. Introducing the case that works behind the scene.

Inkcase Ivy-White Cover

Notifying you only the most important details. Intelligent Assist suggestions appear right when you need them.

Why Do You Need INK-CASE IVY for Your iPhone?

I was going through many Covers of phone. I come across these InkCase IVY.

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It’s  Enduringly Stunning.

What do I mean by that? Our award-winning designer put together the best color combinations so it soothes your inner aesthetic senses. It is simply the best compliment for your iPhone 7.

Ivy Cool-Black Cover

Why Do You Need INKCASE IVY for Your iPhone? Now What does it do?

E Ink Screen

Requiring virtually no power to display an image. E Ink technology allows for the screen to stay permanently on while consuming zero battery.

InkCase IVY Covers

Express Your Mood

Show the world your inner thoughts. Customize your style on the back of your iPhone by transferring emoticons, images, patterns, logos, and icons.

To-Do List

Sync your To-do list onto the back of your iPhone. Have your most important tasks displayed for a gentle reminder. Enjoy the simplicity of striking off those lists!

Inkcase Ivy-Feature To Do


Stay ahead of the game Display your schedule for a holistic view of your day. Focus, plan, execute.

Ink-Case IVY is very durable, the cover is very strong. You can drop your phone so many times and your phone will be safe and no edge scratches or screen scratches. That is a plus for a person like me.

Inkcase Ivy-Feature Calendar

Do you love reading? Then this is the cover for you. Why? You can save your news, magazine, articles from Ink-Case App and read later.

You can turn your phone and read just like Kindle Note (think widescreen).

Bonus: You don’t have to charge Ink-Case IVY every day, just once and you can use the cover for two months.

InkCase IVY Charger


I definitely recommend Ink-Case IVY and you can buy it at an affordable prices.

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