Why is Omniband+ Fitness Tracker Must Have?

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Why is Omniband+ Fitness Tracker Must Have? One of my good friends brought it. He had high hopes because it had everything he needed.

It comes with three band you can wear, charger and Omniband+ itself.

Sadly Omniband+ Fitness Tracker had one problem which I will discuss a bit later. This problem did not sit well with my friend, so he gave the Omniband+ Fitness Tracker to me.

I was very happy and I didn’t mind the Omniband+ Fitness one bit, even secretly thought my friend was nuts or confused somehow?

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If you are someone who likes to keep fit then you need to get Omniband+ Fitness Tracker.


Here are the Benefits Why is Omniband+ Fitness Tracker a Must Have.

  • Tracks steps
  • Tracks the Kilometers you have walked
  • Tracks your heartbeat
  • Tracks calories burnt
It also trackers when you sleep at night.

The battery life is good. You can use the gadget for 4-5 straight days before you need to charge it. I also like the way its fits so well on the wrist. Simple no fuss.


You need to charge it first when you buy it. Then you install the App (Omni+ ) on your phone, switch on Bluetooth, enter the ID number of your tracker and you are done!

You will then need to feed your vitals on the phone i.e. height, weight, etc.

Omniband+ App that you can download at Apple Store or Play Store.
Omniband+September 20
All my records using the Omniband+ Fitness Tracker in September 20.
Omniband+October 20
Omniband+October 10
All my records using the Omniband+ Fitness Tracker in October 10.

Now here comes the problem with this tracker.

When you connect, all the other functions work perfectly for a day! Namely emails, messages, and calls. After that, it pretty much doesn’t work anymore.

Also if you have one of the mainstream Android phones, it doesn’t even keep track of your data (like in the case of a said friend).


I noticed though that if you have one of the Chinese phones, it does store your data, and so you can keep track of your progress.

So you if are like my friend and was looking for more than a fitness tracker, you will need to invest in an iPhone. It works perfectly well with iPhones, but not with android phones.

If you are just happy to track your fitness and are on a budget, then this phone is for you. If not, then please avoid the frustration.


Please tell us which device do you prefer and we can do a review on it. Leave you to comment below.

Cheers until Next time

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